Final Cut Entertainment is set to release Hammer Horror’s Paranoiac on region B Blu-ray on November 20th. This thriller may not be the most popular of the Hammer films but given that it was helmed by the legendary Freddie Francis it does bring a certain level of importance with it. Francis is likely known in most circles for his DP work that nabbed him two Oscars, but he also directed a number of films including some of the best from both Hammer and Amicus, including one of my personal favorites Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors.

This won’t mark the Blu-ray debut for Paranoiac as it was released stateside last year by Universal as part of their 8-film Hammer Horror collection, however, I don’t believe that set contains any special features for Paranoiac — though I could be wrong because I do not have it. If you’re in Europe or a major Hammer/Francis fan with a region free player this new release may be more to your liking since it does come with a  making of feature that runs nearly 30 minutes. At any rate, Paranoiac is a fun film from a very important filmmaker so the more widely available it becomes, the better.

And more importantly the mask in this film is truly frightening.

While the wealthy Ashby siblings – brutish alcoholic Simon (Reed) and his emotionally unstable sister, Eleanor (Janette Scott) – are waiting to come into their vast family trust fund, Simon plots to have his sister certified insane after she claims to have seen an apparition of their long-dead brother, Tony (Alexander Davion), wandering around the estate.

The Making of Paranoiac (27 mins)
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Hammer Horror's 'Paranoiac' Getting a UK Blu-ray Release

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Author : Chris Coffel
Publish date : 2017-09-12 14:21:12