I’m not entirely sure I get the appeal of watching Leaving Neverland or that R. Kelly doc. It feels somewhat ghoulish to me, it’s basically just victimization porn. I know the main underlying point is to turn public opinion against Jackson and Kelly, I just don’t understand the motivation for someone to watch four hours of people talking about being molested.

That aside, one of the things that came out in Leaving Neverland is that James Safechuck said Jackson took him shopping for jewelry and bought him an engagement ring for a fake wedding ceremony. Look what turned up on YouTube and made the rounds on social media just today.

That’s Inside Edition from the time, the story was in the news at the time because he got pulled aside from security after the Zales employees thought he was a robber in his terrible disguise.

I like the fact that no one questions why Jackson is just hanging out with a preteen boy. Like it’s just a normal thing to do, walking around and shopping for jewelry with a 12-year-old boy you’re “just friends” with.

There’s actually another contemporary news report on it, too.

Yeah, Jackson was buying a ring for Sheryl Crow. It’s a shame those crazy kids could never make it work. Maybe if Sheryl Crow had a tiny hairless penis she would have been more Jackson’s type.

Source link : https://theblemish.com/2019/03/footage-of-michael-jackson-taking-a-young-boy-jewelry-shopping-has-resurfaced/

Author : Eric Karnes

Publish date : 2019-03-14 08:33:17