Over at Universal Studios Japan, two of the biggest Japanese franchises will collide later this month with the brand new Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4D attraction/experience!

The experience features “powerful 3D images and special effects linked to the screen, such as wind pressure and water drops,” allowing for optimum immersion in the action.

CrunchyRoll details, “The story is set in Osaka-III, a one-off of Evangelion’s Tokyo-III, with attendees taking on the role of government inspectors observing the city from overhead. The inspection is cut short when Godzilla appears and goes on a rampage. Fortunately Shinji, Rei, and Asuka are on hand to fight him; unfortunately, the inspectors’ ship is in the midst of the battle.”

Noted by Godzilla-Movies, special merch will even be available at the park, including a Shin Godzilla action figure, cookies, a mash-up popcorn bucket and a Godzilla hat/mask.

The attraction opens May 31st and will run through August 25th.

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Author : John Squires

Publish date : 2019-05-15 20:25:37