As producer, James Gunn returns to his horror roots with the David Yarovesky-directed BrightBurn, a hybrid super-villain origin story/creepy kid flick that’s headed our way this month. The MPAA has given the film an “R” rating for “horror violence/bloody images, and language,“ and we’ve got a painful-to-watch new clip on tap for you today.

Glimpsed in the trailers, here’s the full scene wherein Brandon realizes he’s indestructible…

Elizabeth Banks stars in BrightBurn, which looks to be a super-villain origin story that takes the core concept of Superman and flips it. In the film, a young boy not of this world is taken in by human parents who believe him to be special. But not all who wear capes are heroes.

Jackson A. Dunn and David Denman also star.

James Gunn had announced last year, “About a year ago my brother Brian, my cousin Mark, director David Yarovesky, producer Simon Hatt and I started coming up with an idea for a horror film that excited me in a way nothing outside of Guardians has in years – it was personal, and different, and perfectly suited for our times. And, yes, terrifying.”

Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn wrote the script.

BrightBurn arrives in theaters on May 24, 2019.

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Author : John Squires

Publish date : 2019-05-15 18:34:05