BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment hopes you’ve got a hankering for gourmet god on the go.

God Eater 3, the most recent entry in the publisher’s anime-inspired character action series, is out now on Switch. Taking cues from the Monster Hunter games and stylish action titles like Devil May Cry and God of War, Marvelous Entertainment’s first crack at the series tasks players with hunting down hulking monsters called Aragami and executing combos to slash them into scaly ribbons with giant weapons called God Arcs.

Like Monster Hunter World before it, God Eater 3’s release in February of this year on PS4 and PC marked the jump to consoles for a series that had previously been exclusive to handhelds. Now, with its release on Switch, the series has returned to its portable roots (just in time for the extra portable Switch Lite).

Also like Monster Hunter World, God Eater 3 is designed to be played with four players, though single players can tackle the Aragami with CPU pals. Additionally, God Eater 3 introduced 8-player Assault Missions, which function as the game’s version of raid bosses.

The game was generally well-received (recent Steam reviews are “Very Positive”) for its deep and fast-paced combat, but panned for its story. So, if you understand the appeal of Monster Hunter World, but could never get the hang of the fiddly combat, God Eater 3 might be a solid introduction to the genre. That said, Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion drops September 16, so lapsed beast besters might want to wait it out.

However, ask yourself, does Monster Hunter World offer gourmet god… on the go?

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Author : Neil Bolt

Publish date : 2019-07-12 16:03:56